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Walking The Road to Success

Not pictured: oncoming train.

Between you and the end of the tunnel of your life, there stands only one absolution. Yourself. It is imperative to define what you want in life, and it is pressingly important to decide that early on. The earlier in life you begin working towards your long term goals, the sooner they become realities. Have you ever seen your dreams become true? I am one of few men lucky enough to say it – I have watched my dreams come true. Is it really a thing of luck though?
You are going to die one day. We are all going to die. Do you want to regret the memories and content of your life?

When you think about it, it’s kind of a dildo in the sense that it’ll fuck you.

Stay True to Yourself

The most cliché philosophy in the entire music industry is also one of the most valuable. If you have ever been to any kind of show, it is almost impossible you haven’t heard a frontman get on stage and preach this ideal. Stay true to yourself. No matter what anyone thinks, you’ve got to remember what you want in life.
What does it mean though? Let me rewind. Everyone in your life, everyone you love, no matter how much they support you, they’re going to remind you exactly how difficult this industry is. They’re going to encourage you to pursue other interests in life.
This is not a bad thing. They’re concerned about you, but this does not mean you are incapable of achieving anything. Work hard, set goals, accomplish those goals, and then experience the true bliss of being able to turn back and say you’ve done it. It turns out, famous and nameless rappers were right. Haters make you famous, you only live once. Fuck ‘em.
Stay true to yourself and follow the life you want to live.

This guy has dreams.

Don’t Have Dreams; Have Goals.

This seems simple enough in concept, but millions and millions of people don’t seem to understand this. Dreams are things that happen while you sleep. Goals are something you set so they can be attained.
Set real, tangible short term goals with a directive towards a long term goal. Set twenty of them at a time. Take the first five goals. Consolidate them into one goal. Do this until you have four goals, rinse and repeat; this is not an industry, a world, or any place for a slacker.

If you’re looking at this, it’s because Dylan Lott, our resident straightedge kid hasn’t seen it yet

If It Impedes a Normal Lifestyle, It Impedes Your Goals.

I am writing this in a Rolling Rock fueled daze. I’m at home, having a few, and that’s not to be indicated that I’m an alcoholic (I’m an alcoholic for other reasons), but it’s the image of something much bigger.
I like to drink. I have goals too. I’m going to live my life the way I want, and I’m not going to let that affect me and the rest of my life. I work 4 jobs and am in school for 17 credit hours (full time is 12 credit hours), and would not have time for anything I enjoy period. That’s not to say I encourage you to get fucked up on the job, but look at the bigger picture.
Don’t let what you enjoy in life have an effect on what you really truly desire. If you’re a pot smoker, that’s cool, but are you neglecting to put any money into your band because you’re always fucking high and spend all your money on weed? That’s not a successful lifestyle. That’s a lifestyle for someone who wants to get high, not for someone who wants to make music.

BandHacks Editor, Lonnie Reed’s indoor pool. Don’t pee in it.

Don’t Expect To Get Paid

I’m going to be blunt here: No one makes money in music. It’s simple. If you’re a promoter who doesn’t get big tour packages anyway, but you’re denying bands because they’ve never toured before, maybe you need to reevaluate how promoters start getting big tour packages in the first place.
If you’re in a local band, and you’re expecting to get paid even though you don’t draw anyone, maybe you should reevaluate why bands get paid in the first place.
If you’re a booking agent, and you expect to get paid oodles of cash when your roster doesn’t have national draw, maybe you should reevaluate exactly WHY booking agents are getting paid for their tours.
You can’t get paid with money that does not exist. Get a job.

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