Recording Pro Tools Shortcuts

Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Dylan Lott


The Top 25 Helpful Pro Tools Key Commands For Mac

Pro Tools Shortcuts

Cutting corners is good when it’s cutting the right things out! So save some time and learn these ProTools key commands.

Cycle through Edit Modes : Tilde ~

Strip Silence: Command + U

Create A New Track: Command Shift + N

Change Track Format ( In new rack window): Command + Left/Right Arrows

Change Track Type (In new track window): Command Up/Down Arrows

Record: Command Spacebar or F12 (if you have a Number pad)

Clear all Clipping Indicators: Option + C

Create a new blank session: Command + N

Change all Track Outputs: Option + Click Output selector

Solo Safe (toggle): Command + click On Solo Button

Fine Adjustment of a parameter: Command + click On a parameter Control

New Group Command: + G

Create a new Memory Location: Enter ( on numeric keypad) or Fn + enter

Redo Shift: Command + Z

Cut: Command + X

Separate an edit selection: Command + E

Heal Separation: Command + H

Make A Clip Loop: Option Command + L

Time Lock Clips Control: Option + L

Delete Marker: Option + Click

Transport Window: Command + 1 (on the numeric Keypad)

Session Setup Window: Command + 2 (on the numeric Keypad)

Big Counter Window: Command + 3 (on the numeric Keypad)

Change Individual Track Height: Control + Up/ Down Arrows

Zoom Horizontally: Control + R/T


Boom! There you go. 25 of them.

Here’s the real candy though.


For pretty cheap, you can get a good quality set of stickers that’ll stick right on top of your existing keyboard and will help you remember all the rest of those pesky commands. Don’t worry, these can be put on MacBooks, too.

If you don’t want to fork out the money for the keyboard stickers, try setting a picture of all the keyboard shortcuts as your screensaver or desktop. You’ll see them a lot more than you think, and you’ll gradually start to remember them more and more.

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