Published on January 15th, 2014 | by Dylan Lott

Getting A Silky Smooth Metal Lead Tone

Today I’m going to show you how to get a silky smooth metal lead tone using plugins that are free to use.

You can use any version of Cubase or similar DAW for this.

1. Download plugin pack

You can download the plugin pack below:

[wpdm_file id=5]

2. Open up Cubase and & Load a new project

3. Lead guitar track > Add plugins

  • TSE 808
  • Nick Crow 8505
  • Poulin Le Cab
  • Stereo Delay (of your choice)

4. Settings and Details

TSE 808 – Turn Drive, Gain, and Volume all the way up

Nick Crow – Turn up Gain, Lows, Turn down the Mids, turn up the sweep, and turn up the power amp.

In Poulin Le Cab, load the Catharsis S Pres high impulse, flip the INT R switch, set the pan to center, turn off the second cabinet, and hit the Power On butotn.

For the delay, you want to “smear” the tone all over the image.

You’ll want to have a fairly scooped tone on the rhythm guitars, and not too much mid on the bass guitar to really allow this tone to cut through.

5. Pro Tip

Boost the Lead Guitar at around 800Hz. This boost will act as your presence control. You can adjust this up and down the spectrum as desired to achieve some different sounding tones for the lead.

6. Extra Tone Suggestions

More Smoothness / Warmth: Load a second darker sounding impulse into Le Cab and blend your two impulses together.


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