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Pacific Northwest Set to Stop Live Shows, Only Host Shows Over Skype

This weekend, the Pacific Northwest is set to close live shows and only host them over Skype, instead charging bands to watch the performances over the internet. 


This Terror show is gonna be so sweet! 

In the age of the Internet Washington venues are changing with the times!

“It’s really hard to get kids out to shows these days, they would rather listen to music or watch performances via YouTube or Facebook. As a venue we understand that it’s difficult for these kids to keep up with what’s happening online AND go to a show. Stopping for gas or meeting up with friends is physically draining so we are making it easier. To broadcast the shows via skype and charging them to watch is a lot more appealing we feel to Washington’s youth than to make them leave the house” says one Bremerton promoter.


We promise, it’ll liven up in a sec.


“In the age of the Internet, social gathering is done online and to actually talk to a real person is less important. Expect online shows to be posted up in the near future and hopefully touring bands merch can be found at hot topic or on online web stores!”

“As a local band it’s much easier to share a Skype link a day before the show than to send out irritating event requests, plus moshing is really starting to take away from our performances so if like a person wants to mosh in there room instead of at a show in a violent pit it’s much safer you know” says a local kitsap hardcore band.

Welcome to 2014!!


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