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Published on December 8th, 2013 | by Dylan Lott


How To: Create A Custom YouTube Player For An Album

For this tutorial, you’re going to need a way to edit video.

If you’re on a Mac, use iMovie or Adobe Premiere (if you have access to that software).
If you’re on PC and don’t have video editing software, you can download this free one from CNet – VideoPad Editor Pro 

If you aren’t familiar with VideoPad Editor, here’s a tutorial to get quickly familiar with it. This tutorial will show you how to do everything you’ll need to do to finish this tutorial.

If you aren’t familiar with Adobe Premiere, here’s a tutorial created by TheNewBoston. They do some great tutorials, this one is no exception. And if you aren’t familiar with iMovie, here’s a tutorial for using that, too. I’m also going to assume you have a YouTube channel for your band and that you are able to edit videos in the above software. I did find a link to a decent tutorial series about Adobe Premiere, To start this tutorial, download the YouTube Player Template from us HERE Once you’ve done that, we can begin.

1) Design your player

If you’re not good at design, have it made up for you. It shouldn’t cost much. Remember that you’ll need a different image for each song that your album has, unless you intend to put the entire album on YouTube video (which we don’t recommend).

Make a custom player for each song you have. This is easily done by you or your designer editing just the song name and saving it as a separate file in whatever editing program they’re using.

If you want to a good starting point, we’ve got a free template right here.

[wpdm_file id=3]

Here’s a preview of the template. It’s very basic on purpose, so that you or your designer can run with the concept.

YouTube Player Template

2) Add the custom player image to your video editing software

Whatever your using to edit video, you’ll need to drag the .JPG or .PNG image that you have into the editing area. Once the image is in, you’ll need to add your song to the video as well. You’ll want to use a high quality .WAV format. Make sure your audio has been mastered appropriately as well.

(This is why mastering is important: Video applications will need the audio to be at the correct volume and loudness.)

3.Render / Export your movie. Save it to a file of your choice.

Save it at the highest quality possible. 1080p is the standard file format. Give it a descriptive file name, too. On a side note: Stay organized, people. I see way too many people that have these insanely messy hard drives and desktops. Keep it clean so you can find stuff easier.

4) Repeat this process for all of your other songs

Render or export all your songs, get them all ready for upload, then proceed to the next step.


5) Login to your YouTube channel and upload all the songs with the custom player image to your YouTube channel.

Once you’re logged in, get to the Upload area and drag and drop all your videos at once. I like to have

 create custom youtube player

6) Set links up for each video and use them as Forward / Back buttons.

Center the YouTube annotations directly over the buttons you designed so that they function how they should. Upload the videos in order so that it’s easier to link them to each other. After the videos are uploaded and your annotations are set, make sure you test it all out and make sure that each video works and links to the correct videos.


ProTip: Make sure there’s a “Subscribe” annotation in every single video that you upload. Our template has a Subscribe area designed into it, make sure you utilize this! 



7) Create a YouTube playlist for the whole album

…and promote the hell out of it! I mean it. Put it everywhere. Get blogs to share it. Get your friends to share it.

One of the best things you can do to get more views is have all of your album on a playlist. This will make it so people find their way to your other videos.

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