Drums drum eq tips and tricks

Published on September 12th, 2013 | by Dylan Lott


Drum EQ Tips and Tricks

Setting up drum mikes, getting rid of phase problems, and getting that snare to sound juuussssst right can take hours.

So we decided we’d do our best to help you take the pain out of mixing your drums after you get them all recorded.

We know that your supposed to get the best tone possible going into your recording setup, but after that, here are a couple of different EQ tips to get you the rest of the way.


drum eq tips and tricks

General EQ Tips – Overhead Mics
For more reverberations: Boost 10Khz – 15Khz
For more Cymbal in the mix: Boost 9K – 10K
To hear more crack from the heads: Boost 5K – 7K
To hear more snare wires: Boost 5K – 7K
To hear more bang from the drums: Boost 1K
For more resonance from the drums: Boost 250Hz – 300Hz

Triangular Miking Tips
Kick Drum – Boosts 3K, 6K-8K Lightly, and 100Hz
Overheads  – Boost 10K-12K; 5K-7K or 1K-3K;
Cut @ 200Hz

Close Miking Tips
Overheads – Boost 10K-12K; 3K-5K; Cut @200Hz
Room Mikes – Boost 15K, 200Hz
Tom Drums – Boost 7K-8K; 3K for transparent sounding toms or 500Hz for hard sounding toms; Boost 100Hz as well
Snare Drum – Boosts 10K (slightly); 5k; 1K-2K; 100Hz
Kick Drum – Boosts 3K; 6K-8K; 100Hz
Hi hats (Varies depending to cymbal type, but here’s some general tips):
Boosts – 7K-10K, 5K, 500Hz

Note: We’ll be doing a series of these EQ guides on various instruments. Stay tuned for them!

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  • Sky

    Thanks. Interesting post on EQing drums. Looking forward to more! Sky http://www.skysunstudios.com

  • Zach Dunham

    Novice here:

    Would this apply to programmed drums, using EZdrummer or Superior drummer, and Drumagog to replace the samples? I can never get the cymbals to sound ‘full’ over the replaced drums.

    • dylanlott

      Hey Zach, normally sampled drums are already EQ’d fairly heavily, but sometimes they will still need it in a mix, but you should always use EQ wisely. If you’re still having troubles with cymbals sounding full, try some of the EQ suggestions listed above, and you also might want to look into a style of compression called “New York Style Compression” We’ll be doing a tutorial on it soon, so you can check that out!

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