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Published on January 4th, 2014 | by Dylan Lott


Build Yourself A Killer Workstation

Whether you’re a manager, a producer, a songwriter, or even a gamer, having a good desk is really a must when you spend so much time sitting down at it. Because of this, we decided to go on the prowl for the best desks you can make at the best price. Assemble it yourself, and save some money while you’re at it.

While we were searching around, we found a pretty cool website called IkeaHackers where they have some really interesting builds for exactly what we were looking for.

All of these workstations are very competitively priced compared to what you could buy from Musician’s Friend, Studio Trends, etc… We’ve included a couple different solutions depending on what your situation might be, so check these out and see what you need.

Two-Tier Pragel Workstation

For the wide open office spaces or work areas. This desk is great if you have the space for it, because it is rather wide. We do really like how they used the LEDs to light the desk, and this would be perfect for a studio environment.

The drawbacks to this desk are, obviously, the space needed for it. However, if space isn’t an issue, then this desk would work out well.

build a great workstation



The Pragel Workstation is constructed out of the following:

  • 2x Pragel 186cm worktop – $59.00
  • 5x Adils leg – $3.50 x 5 = $17.50
  • 4x Capita bracket – $19.99 for a 2 pack, $40 total
  • 1x Dioder multicolor LED – $29.99 (optional to this build, but recommended)

Total Cost: $146.47 (Price w/ LEDs) 


Sturdy & Easy Monitor Stand

If you already have a desk, this is a great solution for creating a solid stand for your monitors.

build a great workstation


build a great workstation

We like this a lot because a lot of you probably already have desks, but adding a monitor stand would probably be a great idea for what you’re trying to do.

This desk used the Ekby Jarpen shelf and was created using the following:

  • Ekby Jarpen shelf – $14.99
  • Capita legs x4 – $16.00

Making the total price of this sturdy monitor stand solution $30.99. Not bad at all for a stand to hold 3 monitors or a monitor and 2 speakers.

ProTip: Pair these builds up with some Auralex Isolation Pads for your monitors and make your production or recording setup even better.


The Besta Desk

build a great workstation

For the economy minded. Great solution for a college dorm room or a small space you’re trying to use. This also acts as a great laptop desk if you’re using a small setup. For larger desktop setups with speakers or dual monitors, we wouldn’t recommend this.

This is a great desk if you’re looking to have a home office area or bedroom office situation. Ringing in at only $99, it’s a great deal.


Expedit Office Desk

build a great workstation

This desk is great for a bedroom or office space. However, since it doesn’t have to tiers, I wouldn’t recommend it for a studio desk unless you were to pair it up with the monitor stand we talked about earlier. Personally, I’d recommend this as more of an office desk rather than a producer’s desk.

If you’re looking to make this one, pick up the Expedit desk with shelves and then follow the build instructions by clicking the link above to get to the hack’s instructions.

Overall, this desk will cost you about $150 after it’s all said and done. By laying the shelves on their sides, you can get a better corner fit, or you could keep the shelves standing up if you wanted to. The extension of the work area is also a great idea, but that’s personal preference, too.


Rack Mounts

The biggest drawback that all three of these have is their lack of rack mounts for studio gear. However, we are currently looking into ways to construct sturdy racks for your own home studio by yourself that aren’t going to break the bank.

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Have some cool hacks you’ve done in your own studio? 

Have a cheap way to make some cool studio racks or other equipment?

Let us know in the comment below!

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