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Booking Tip #006

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BandHacks Challenge: Ask someone for something once a day for 30 days straight.


Here’s the thing: If you’re not hearing no, you’re not trying. You haven’t asked someone for something. You haven’t tried to get someone else to work with you. Bottom line: YOU HAVEN’T TRIED.

That’s what this BandHacks Challenge is trying to get you to overcome; I want you to email someone once a day and ask for something. Ask a band to tour with you, ask a booking agent for tips, ask a venue to book one of your bands. Whatever it is, ask for it. If you’re hearing no, that’s a good thing. At least you’re putting yourself out there.

Become numb to rejection, you’ll face that on a daily basis in the music industry, no matter how big you are. The difference is that the successful people learn how to take something from a No and turn it into a Yes at a later point.

“But I don’t have anything to ask for!” That’s a damn lie. Everyone wants something.


Alright, what do I do when I hear a No then?

Don’t be pushy about it, accept a No as a No and move on from it. If you wanted, you could politely ask the person why they’re not able or not interested.


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