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Published on January 18th, 2014 | by Dylan Lott


20 Steps To Getting More YouTube Traffic and Views

YouTube has to be one of the best resources for bands. It has a huge user audience, it has one of the highest average use times of any website, and it has related and recommended video areas that are absolute goldmines for your band to get into. Video is also a much more engaging format, and a well made video can really separate you from the noise.


Proper Naming

1.Put your band name in the title of every video you release. Use the ” | ” to separate the band name from the rest of the title. This is called a pipe. It’s usually keyed by hitting Shift and the backslash button which is normally located above the Enter button on your keyboard. It helps YouTube understand that you want the two phrases on either side of the pipe to be separate phrases, not joined together. This is useful for separating your band name from your song name.

2. Name your videos with relevant descriptions.


Use The Right Tags

3. Tag your video with useful and relevant tags. Other bands you sound like, labels you are similar in musical style to, what city and state you’re from, etc…

4. Don’t tag things your video isn’t related to to try and gain extra traffic. YouTube will catch on and derank your video for it. It hurts you more than it helps you.


Take Full Advantage of Your Video’s Description

5. Put your band’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr links in the description.

6. If the video is a song, put the lyrics in the description. If it’s an update video, put a relevant link in the description.

7. If it’s a contest, put a link to where they can submit for it. Always link to something useful in the description.


Social Media

8. Connect Facebook to YouTube.

9. Make a Videos tab on Facebook that goes directly to your band’s YouTube channel.

10. Get a custom designed tab for the Videos section.

11. Have your cover photo direct people to your channel, too. Use an arrow to point to the tab, or have it say something about your channel.


Be Creative

12. Make interesting studio update videos. Make them something worth watching. Edit them well, film them with a good camera (at least 1080p), and have them include a sneak peek of what your new stuff sounds like. People love that stuff.

13. Throw a contest, announce it via video, and have your video be the basis of the contest. This will inevitably drive you more subscribers and views.

14. Brand your videos with a character or personality that you can use repeatedly.


6. Edit Smart

15. Add a subscription annotation in every video.

16. Add a link to another video of yours in every video.

17. Place useful information in the note boxes in videos where applicable.

18. Promote your merch store or BandCamp page in the annotations, too.

19. Create playlists of your band’s songs

20. Make a YouTube player for the album or EP that your band released (or is about to release)


Social media is a skill, and you will slowly get better at it. YouTube is no exception. The key is to post regularly and post often. You’ll soon learn what your fans will and won’t engage with, which will help you grow faster as you figure out how to create content that your following cares about.


Have other tips for driving more traffic? Tell us in the comments!

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